If you want to enjoy the top best beaches in Miami, there is no better place to stay than the Gansevoort Hotel Miami.

Every travel destination will have something that it is known for. You know, something that will pop up into your head once you hear the name of a certain place being mention. Like if someone mentions Paris, you can’t help but put an image of the Eiffel Tower in your head. When you speak of London, the image of the queen or Big Ben will probably be in your mind. The point is that a place will always be known for something, be it good or bad. Just like how the city of New York is well-known for its apples or the city of Amsterdam is famous for its red light. Okay, the thing about New York and apples is obviously a joke. The point is that a place will always be associated with something.

Now, if you mention Miami, the image that will come to mind are the beautiful beaches with sexy females walking around and guys looking at those sexy females walking around, or the face of Lebron James perspiring as he is playing basketball. Okay, let’s just go with the beaches. The beaches in Miami are world famous, thanks to its splendid beauty and also thanks in part to countless movies that captured and showcased the beaches in its finest glory.

So if you are traveling to Miami, the beaches are something you just can’t miss. Not experiencing the beach attractions would be like going to North Pole without seeing ice or snow. Now, if you are staying at the hotel, getting to the beach shouldn’t be very hard as it would only take a few minutes to walk from the Gansevoort Hotel to the beach.