In the whole world, only a few travel destinations are blessed with a beautiful climate the whole year through. These are the travel destinations where you can go anytime without having to worry about the clothes to pack or what activities you can do during certain times of the year. The eternal beautiful weather of Miami is an aspect of the city that makes it so attractive to many travelers, both domestic and international. The fine climate of Miami coupled with the finest accommodations, such as offered by the Miami Gansevoort, makes the city a top destination among people who want a hassle-free getaway.

Anyway, before talking about the fine climate of Miami, it’s important to set this straight. When talking about the fair weather in Miami, it’s not about the fair weather fans of the Miami Heat.

So what is exactly the climate is like in Miami and why is it so awesome? Well, Miami enjoys has the benefit of a tropical climate, so that means it never gets too cold and the temperature seems so consistent the whole year through. The only thing you have to watch out for is rain showers, which really doesn’t happen too often. And if it did rain during your visit, you can still have a good time inside the Gansevoort Hotel. Not only are the rooms so comfortable but the amenities in the hotel will make sure that you won’t even need to go out just to have fun. The hotel has its own club and beauty and health services are there for you to pamper yourself.

That means the many outdoor activities that Miami is known for are available the whole year through for you to enjoy. With the comfort of the Gansevoort Hotel and the exciting attractions outside, the appeal of the city is guaranteed to be the same as the fine climate of Miami.